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Quick Chargers Of Mass Production Of Quick Chargers

Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

Quick Chargers of mass production of Quick Chargers
Recently Quick Chargers in Shenzhen Huaqiang North market, attracting many enthusiasts, many consumers try to buy the heart of the Quick Chargers. But for consumers, they do not have a professional authority of the information channel to understand the Quick Chargers, so that the rapid charger will cause some misunderstanding. The following author to a quick charger to be a simple analysis
First, the quality question: a few days ago, "Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau" spot checks for non-original mobile phone Quick Chargers pass rate of only 5%, the main problem is leakage, radiation and other potential hazards. So many consumers on the quality of these Quick Chargers still have a lot of questions. This will even bring disaster to the entire manufacturing industry in Guangdong. Now the certification body and regulatory mechanisms are questionable, and do not blindly see a certain certification that this product is very reliable. This is the result of long-term consumer distrust of China's regulatory mechanism. It is very unfair to do business with good products.
Second, the price confusion: the current listing of the situation of Quick Chargers, the price varies, the majority of Shenzhen production price of 250 yuan or so, and some foreign imported products in the price of more than a thousand dollars. This is not reminiscent of the recently condemned Da Vinci furniture. For consumers who have sufficient funds to consider buying foreign imports. But it is recommended that most consumers choose domestic production.
Third, universal confusion: whether to give the corresponding mobile phone, have to look at the relevant parameters, the so-called omnipotent is only a chip of the seller. Depending on battery parameters.
Four: charging efficiency: According to industry insiders, Quick Chargers is still in the initial stage of development, performance by a lot of restrictions, technology is not perfect. Mainly reflected in the long charging time, Quick Chargers low efficiency (relative to the original) and so on. But with the improvement of technology and production environment. Compatibility and low efficiency and high cost of the product will be resolved.
Five: market prospects: market research firm iSuppli is expected, wireless charging market prospects, 2013 scale will reach 14 billion US dollars. But there are a lot of thorny problems need Quick Chargers manufacturers to solve, we really need a consumer is a multi-purpose multi-purpose Quick Chargers, and high efficiency, affordable. At present, most of the buyers are out of curiosity, this wave of heat after the manufacturers have not yet solve these problems, which the whole industry is undoubtedly not optimistic.
Quick Chargers, we must not unfamiliar, it can be said that all aspects of our lives, and we inseparable. Without its existence, our life will be greatly affected. Often there is such a situation, go out because forget to bring Quick Chargers, which led to their mobile phone in the absence of electricity, can not open, can not receive information from outside, missed a lot of important things. And electric car no electricity, even more embarrassing, and we often see the road pedal electric car slow travel situation, can not find the charging station, the only way, helpless.
Quick Chargers in our daily life plays such a vital role, can not let us attach importance to, and use it when the method is correct or not, but also affect the battery life.
We know that the correct and reasonable charge, you can make the battery life increased, but do not understand the method, random charge, will lead to short battery life shortened. So how do you use the quick charger just right?
(1) Do not use excessive current to charge. High current in the charging process, will produce heat, so that the battery temperature is too high, and too high temperature, the battery life is very harmful, it will greatly reduce the battery life, so we charge, To use a small current, so that battery life extended.
(2) Do not exceed the time of charging. When the battery is charged, we should pay attention to observe the traffic lights or battery full of signs, do not indefinitely charge the battery, charging time is too long, will affect the battery life, resulting in regret.
Mastered the use of Quick Chargers, in the daily charge, we need to personally, to extend the battery life, saving energy.

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