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Mobile USB Chargers Short Circuit Is Burned

Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

Mobile USB Chargers short circuit is burned
The use of USB Chargers is commonplace, different brands, different capacity, different features of the USB Chargers, electronic market everything. The use of mobile phone USB Chargers, there are many people out of the problem: no charge, no power, too hot and so on. Another serious point is the USB Chargers short circuit was charred or USB Chargers explosion situation.
Mobile phone USB Chargers if the problem is mostly because of the purchase of an informal USB Chargers or the use of universal charge, or no use of the original USB Chargers to charge, so there will be mobile phone USB Chargers short circuit and other dangerous problem. So how can we avoid these problems to the greatest extent possible? Xiao Bian for everyone to organize the following simple:
1. Try not to "universal charge"
In all USB Chargers, the most dangerous is the "universal charge". "Universal charge" electrical structure is simple, without protection coil, there are mobile phone battery voltage caused by high hidden dangers. "This is like blowing a balloon, the normal USB Chargers to blow the balloon, it will not blow again, some poor 'universal charge' may also continue to blow, until the balloon explosion.
2. The reason why the voltage current is too high
Mobile phone USB Chargers short-circuit charred may also be used too high voltage socket or external current is too large reasons. If the external current is too large, sometimes the power supply overcurrent protection output short circuit or input short circuit. So everyone in the charge when the best use of the appropriate voltage socket to charge.
3. Buy original USB Chargers
Buy original USB Chargers and the use of original models of mobile phone USB Chargers the need for. In a mobile phone store, the owner took out a no brand, no certification, no instructions for the use of mobile phone USB Chargers. When the reporter questioned its safety performance, the shopkeeper simply said, "afraid of the accident you buy the original, cheap things certainly have cheap truth.
4. Must choose 3C certified products
It is understood that "3C" is a unified sign of the use of mandatory product certification by the state. The certified power adapter meets the requirements of national mandatory standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility. This type of USB Chargers with material foot, mature technology, with overcurrent, over voltage, short circuit, over temperature and other multiple protection. At the same time, in the course of the use of such USB Chargers charging efficiency, security is guaranteed. "3C" logo of the true and false can go to the National Commission of the Commission for inquiries. So you can avoid the possibility of buying a fake USB Chargers.
Why do we have an accident? Cottage phone USB Chargers low cost, quality can not be guaranteed. To the appearance of materials, for example, the appearance of genuine USB Chargers plastic is used in the original plastic, high hardness, and the use of recycled leather goods, the price of the material is only about half of the former, the resistance is far less than the former. In addition, there are still very serious cottage goods cut corners of the problem.
As long as we follow the steps in the above to choose, you have for your life on a layer of safe insurance. But whether to buy a Kaopu or not so reliable charging head, safe use or to pay attention to, should be abandoned some security risks of mobile phone use habits. The use of the USB Chargers can not be sloppy, otherwise the light will cause damage to the electronic equipment, while the risk of explosion may occur.

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