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How Do I Use The Quick Chargers To Charge My Phone?

Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 16, 2017

How do I use the Quick Chargers to charge my phone?
After the phone is used for a long time, you may find that the battery will become increasingly durable, charging frequency will be higher and higher. What is the real reason for it? We may not have to sum up. Xiaobian feel that there is a big reason is out of the wrong charging habits, some habits seemingly no harm, in fact, has been quietly damage your battery.
       Xiao Bian summed up the seven kinds of common wrong charging methods, as well as the correct solution. Everyone check the check, their use of Quick Chargers charging the way is correct?
       1. Do not always want to keep the electricity to 100%, but to maintain the best use of 30% to 80%
       Some people seem to have power panic disorder, a see the phone power less than 90%, anxious to want to charge. In fact, the phone has been charged to keep the state is not the best maintenance of the battery. According to the characteristics of lithium batteries, so that electricity maintained at between 30% to 80%, the phone will not use Caton, only the most smooth. Therefore, with particular attention, do not often charge the phone all night, but in daily use "a small amount of meals", a short time, many times to charge.
       2. Quick Chargers Do not always drain the battery before charging, every 1 to 2 months can be completely discharged once;
       The battery charge is too bad, and the power is too low does not work. Lithium batteries in the low power state, the power is relatively unstable, so do not let the phone often "low battery" prompt, because the battery is exhausted in the case, there will be a slight loss. However, according to the characteristics of lithium batteries, every 1 to 2 months to completely discharge the battery once, you can correct the battery capacity.
       3. Do not often use the charge protection shell, to the mobile phone battery effective cooling;
       Quick Chargers protection shell can increase the endurance, and when the jacket, very simple and practical. But the use of this accessories charge, it will affect the heat, resulting in mobile phone batteries than do not use this accessories more hot, long this will hurt the lithium battery in the past. Need to avoid this problem caused by overheating of the battery, you can not use this charge protection shell, switch to the mobile phone with a line to charge the phone.
       4. Quick Chargers mobile phone wearing a jacket charge, charging the best to take down and then charge.
Many people put the phone on a beautiful jacket, it is rarely taken down. Charging if it has been set, then the phone will be due to poor heat caused by excessive heat, such a high temperature will increase the damage to the lithium battery. So, in the Quick Chargers to the phone when charging not to trouble, take the jacket and then recharge it.
5. Do not use three non-product, the use of 3C certified Quick Chargers, to avoid the damage to the lithium battery
       The phone's original Quick Chargers will have overcharge and other protection design, when the battery charge to 100% or other set threshold, it will stop charging. If you buy cheaper low-quality Quick Chargers to charge, these unauthorized three non-product if the lack of protection circuit, it will damage the battery, and safe spacing, insulation level is not enough, but also cause more serious unpredictable danger. So choose a qualified 3C certified Quick Chargers.
 6. Do not pay attention to the standby battery power status, keep half of the power collection storage
       Some people will keep the old phone when the backup machine to prepare for contingencies, but the collection did not pay attention to the phone when the power situation. Quick Chargers Lithium battery has a characteristic: If the battery is completely exhausted, will fall into the so-called "deep discharge state", will lead to power loss; and it is full but idle for a long time, the battery capacity will be damaged. So, the correct way to collect old phones is: to keep about half of the electricity, can be placed in a ventilated or cool place.
       7. mobile phone in a hot environment, pay attention to ventilation and cooling; mobile phone in a cold environment, then keep warm
       Although this is not a charging problem, Quick Chargers but with the lithium battery. Sometimes you will find that the phone in the hot world, it will be very card up, it is because the lithium battery is not suitable for extreme temperature (high temperature or low temperature) use. According to Apple's official data, iPhone or iPad "comfortable temperature" is 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees (0 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius) between. So, the phone is like a need to be careful care of the computer baby, the environment overheating, pay attention to ventilation and cooling, the environment is too cold, then keep warm.

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