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How Car Chargers Works

Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

How Car Chargers works
Electric cars in the life of more and more applications, due to the rapid development of electric vehicle industry, but also led the Car Chargers industry development. Many people may have used Car Chargers, but it does not know what it works. So today's Car Chargers manufacturers share the working principle of Car Chargers in order to make it easier for you to use Car Chargers to recharge correctly.
It is understood that most of our current Car Chargers are pulsed chargers. For now, to UC3842 as the master chip charger or the vast majority, of course, there are many TL494 as the master chip Car Chargers, for the use of this chip charger does not elaborate (because of this Two kinds of charger repair is basically the same).
This type of Car Chargers principle and the principle of switching power supply is basically the same 220V AC by the AC filter circuit filter out the external clutter signal (also to prevent the power supply itself generated high-frequency clutter on the power grid interference), and then by the diode Bridge rectifier circuit and filter circuit, rectified filter to get about 300V DC power, sent to the power conversion circuit for power conversion.
The switching power transistor (IGBT) in the power conversion circuit operates in the "ON" and "OFF" state, driven by the pulse control signal output from the pulse width modulation controller (UC3842), thereby switching the 300V DC to the adjustable width Frequency pulse voltage. The high-frequency pulse voltage to the high-frequency pulse transformer, the secondary will be induced by a certain high-frequency pulse AC, and sent to the high-frequency rectifier filter circuit rectifier, filter; the final output of a very smooth DC, the battery charge.
As the battery has just started charging and after a period of time, the battery capacity and terminal voltage are different, which by the Car Chargers internal sampling circuit sampling signal through the optocoupler (PC817) into the control circuit, after pulse width modulation Chip (UC3842) internal modulation, by the control circuit output will widen or narrow the drive pulse to the switching power tube of the gate, so that the conversion circuit generated by the high-frequency pulse square wave also will be widened or narrowed, So that the battery charge into the constant current charging, constant voltage charging and floating charge of the three charging phase.
With the development of electric car industry, electric car models are more and more models. Electric car models more, but also led the Car Chargers industry development. There are a lot of electric car battery power is almost the same, then the same power different models of Car Chargers can be used?
Car Chargers performance is directly related to the charging effect, related to battery life, related to the use of vehicle safety. First, the conventional test Car Chargers performance is good or bad way: 48V charger, for example, the general maximum voltage is not greater than 59.6V, greater than this voltage, charging may not turn the lights; normal low voltage of not less than 55V, In this voltage will cause insufficient charge, a long time so easy to battery loss. Current, or 48V20ACar Chargers, for example, the maximum current is not greater than 3A, greater than 3A may cause the battery to lose water earlier, the minimum not less than 2.1A, below this current will cause insufficient charge.

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