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Considerations For Car Charger

Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2016

   Car charger vehicle cigarette lighter power socket for charging the mobile phone directly. Due to the lower voltage of the car, so the car charger only overload protection circuit. Car Charger Socket front design has a fuse, when range overload protection circuit when the current exceeds fuse fuse immediately, play a protective role. Note: must be in the car when the engine starts to charge! On the car charger, there are the following considerations:

1, do not use in a damp environment car charger

2, do not store in a damp environment car charger

3, the use of the appropriate temperature 0-45 ℃

4, away from children

5, to avoid lightning strikes

6, recharge in time to pull the plug

So, because of security concerns, be sure to purchase regular brands, buying authentic, inferior products are prone to security risks. Car charger direct charge and charger in two ways. You can choose to buy the charger, remove the battery charge, avoid power instability, output peak voltage high inrush burned mobile phenomenon, to burn and burn the battery and reduce losses. There is a wide choice of car charger. If you choose to shop, be sure to go to the regular website.

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