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Car Chargers And The Development Of Electric Vehicles Have A Direct Relationship Between The Future?

Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

Car Chargers and the development of electric vehicles have a direct relationship between the future?
 Whether the development of electric vehicles affect the development of electric Car Chargers, which is a more forward-looking questions, they have a direct relationship? Idealized thinking, the sales of electric cars will directly affect the development of Car Chargers, but from the reality of the survey, the development of electric vehicles almost does not affect the sales of electric Car Chargers. How do you look at this problem?
Recently, the Ministry of Industry issued a "electric car conduction charging with convergence equipment" and other three series of cited national standard draft, and openly to the community for advice, the national norms include general needs, communication charging interface, DC charging interface three aspects, Each aspect is provided with a corresponding configuration.
Although the nature of the norm is "referral" rather than "mandatory", but the release of the draft national norms, the development of China's electric vehicles still play a small role in promoting.
The status of shopping malls
The lack of norms hinders the development of electric vehicles
Pure electric vehicle implementation and industrialization, Car Chargers as "second five" during the new energy car is one of the important work of pure electric vehicle development status and prospects, much attention by the community. And with the country to build electric car charging station and charging pile program gradually clear, electric car charging station construction has begun to enter the essence of the period. However, the current Beijing, Shenzhen, Hefei and other places are different from the introduction of the same charging station standards, norms of inconsistency, and many of the existing built a charging station throughout the selection of foreign norms, in addition, because the lack of all the co-ordination, has been completed Of the electric car charging station interface throughout the different, each other common shortcomings, these elements are on the domestic electric car to carry out and set a very large obstacle. Car Chargers On the other hand, if you do not use the national norms, charging stations and charging pile selection of foreign norms, the long run will inevitably lead us to lose autonomy in the charging station norms, and electric car development will also be subject to others.
Specification formulation
Policy support
Car Chargers Multi-party efforts to promote electric vehicles over
In addition to inconsistent charging interface specifications, the electric car is also facing the power supply company and the establishment of the charging station, the establishment of infrastructure needs of the local government departments to support. Second, that is, capital, electric car merchandise demand with a certain plan to mass production, after the benefits of planning to bring the rationalization of the price, consumers can afford. "Once the sales up, the cost will drop."Car Chargers Ren Yong said, "spring Nissan production of electric car production plan is to do a good job localization production in 2015 to complete the production and marketing 50,000 policy, after the local decline in electric Car capital to meet the needs of shopping malls, but even if the electric car localization, its cost is also higher than the traditional car, so the implementation of electric vehicles, it is still the demand for government shopping malls. New energy cars, electric cars included in a strategic height to think, also introduced a number of corresponding guidelines, spring Nissan is the first with the Ministry of Industry signed a strategic cooperation agreement, but also with Guangzhou, Wuhan, Car Chargers Zhengzhou signed a strategic cooperation agreement, But also hope that the Government can be in the electric car charging fees, the family use of parking fees and other questions on the establishment of the program plan and norms for the electric car throughout the invention of an outstanding use of the environment.
   Self-feeling even by the new electric Car Chargers developed, and its sales can be increased, on the other hand the government also strongly support the direction of the development of electric cars or some, but his sales from the market survey data analysis, does not affect the electric Car Chargers sales.

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