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12V 1A Power Adapter For LED Copper Wire Light With KC Certificate

Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2017

12V 1A power adapter for LED copper wire light with KC certificate

What is the LED copper wire light?

LED is a new kind of light source which has been developing rapidly in recent years. LED light has been widely used for its advantages such as small size, low power consumption, long service life, high brightness, low heat and environmental protection.

With the development of LED technology, more and more LED lights, and LED products LED copper wire in the lamp string not only applied to various festivals such as Christmas holiday decoration, and applied to a family to decorate and designs city-lighting project and all kinds of entertainment places.LED twinkle light has incomparable advantages with the traditional incandescent lamp series: colour is gorgeous, can realize a variety of color changes, and effectively reduce the energy consumption, composed of 7 colour color LED twinkle light can not only play the role of lighting, its adornment effect is to let different programs and different occasions add to the festive atmosphere.

The LED copper wire lamp refers to the line diameter of 0.38-0.5mm without welding point, and the flexible, flexible bending of the LED copper wire lamp is not easy to break.


12V 1A power adapter

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