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why we must need the KC certificate if we export to Korea?

Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2018

why we must need the KC certificate if we export to Korea?

In order to provide consumers with a clearer understanding of the certification markings on the purchased products and various certification fees to be taken by the product manufacturers, KATS announced on August 20, 2008 On January 1, the new certification system KC (Korea Certification) certification will be implemented. Since July 2009, the program has taken the lead in the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and is expected to be expanded to all departments by the end of 2010. The implementation plan of KC logo is as follows: December 2008: Amending the "Basic Law of the National Standard" and its implementing decrees; July 2009: Ministry of Knowledge Economy starts implementing and adopting the national unified KC logo; January 2009 ~ December 2010: Revision of the law relating to standard certification; January 2011: Application of the KC logo to all certifications.

The KC certification factory reviews the requirements of the first trial factory:

The south Korean security law requires that the plant be reviewed for the first time after accepting the application.According to the requirements of the safety law, the quality control system of the factory shall be preliminarily evaluated, and the following aspects are involved:

The factory shall, in accordance with the requirements of product certification and the quality assurance of the factory, require the production of certified products consistent with the approved samples.According to south Korean security certification related laws and south Korean industrial technology to the relevant provisions of the trial court (KTL), your factory should have the following documented procedure or regulation, the content should be adapted to factory quality management and quality control:

1) product change control procedures (example: certification product change notification after approved by certification bodies, should department should be in strict accordance with the approved changes to the content establish corresponding technical documents issued to the relevant departments to properly implement certification product changes.An unapproved change cannot impose a certification mark on a changed product.

2) documentation and data control procedures

3) quality record control procedures {should include a record of at least 3 years (with only incoming goods, routine and operational inspection records)}

4) routine inspection and confirmation inspection procedures

5) nonconforming product control procedures

6) inspection or verification procedures for key components and materials

7) internal quality audit procedure

8) process work instructions, inspection standards, equipment operation procedures, the management system procedures such as factory quality records shall be kept at least include the following, to confirm the factory do the inspection of all production and production test, quality records shall be real and effective

9) product routine inspection and confirmation inspection record;Incoming inspection/verification record of key components and materials and qualification certificate provided by the supplier

Records of periodic calibration or verification of test and test equipment;

Routine inspection and confirmation (running) inspection records;

Daily inspection record of safety equipment in production line (workshop);

Record of disposal of defective products (incoming goods, routine and operation);

Internal audit records;

Record of corrective actions taken by customer complaints;

The unqualified correction record of the operation inspection;

Annual factory review requirements:

) a year, after the certificate of authorization, certification institution to the factory to track an annual review, the main purpose is to check the consistency of the quality control system of the factory, whether can continue to meet safety standards.

The annual factory review is divided into two parts

1) check the quality documents, quality records and relevant contents of the manufacturing site, and the requirements and contents are basically the same as the initial review.

2) we need to confirm the consistency of all products authorized by KC Mark in the factory.The key components, materials, circuits and structures of the certified products are confirmed according to the product's authorization certificate (key components list).

Sampling requirements:

There are 216 products listed in KC Mark's compulsory certification. The Korean security law provides that all products are sampled every year. Therefore, each product is sampled once a year.

The sampling method is;

The inspector will be sent to the designated address within 3 months after the inspection by the factory inspector during the annual review, when there is production or inventory.

The factory shall send the specified sample to the designated address within 6 months without production or inventory when the factory is under review.


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