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what is the rectifying circuit?

Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 06, 2018

what is the rectifying circuit?

The "rectifying circuit" is a circuit that converts alternating current energy into direct current energy. Most rectifying circuit consists of transformer, rectifier main circuit and filter. It is widely used in the field of dc motor speed regulation, generator excitation adjustment, electrolysis and electroplating.The rectifier circuit is usually composed of main circuit, filter and transformer.After the 1970s, the main circuit was composed of silicon rectifier diodes and thyristor.The filter is connected between the main circuit and the load to filter the ac components in the pulsating dc voltage.Whether the transformer is set or not depends on the situation.The function of transformer is to realize the matching between ac input voltage and dc output voltage and the electrical isolation between ac power grid and rectifier circuit.


Is the role of rectifier circuit ac step-down circuit output voltage low direct current, alternating current (ac) is converted into unidirectional pulsation that is the rectification process of alternating current (ac), is mainly composed of rectifier diode rectifier circuit.After the rectifier circuit, the voltage is not ac voltage, but a hybrid voltage with dc voltage and ac voltage.It is customary to call a unidirectional pulsating dc voltage.

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The classification of rectifying circuit?


It can be divided into three kinds: uncontrollable circuit, semi-controlled circuit and full control circuit

1) the uncontrollable rectifier circuit is composed entirely of uncontrollable diodes, and the ratio of its dc rectifier voltage and ac power voltage value is fixed after the circuit structure.

2) the semi-controlled rectifier circuit consists of controlled elements and diodes. In this circuit, the load power polarity cannot be changed, but the average can be adjusted.

3) in full controlled rectifier circuit, all the rectifier element is controllable, SCR, GTR, decision, etc.), 

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