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What is the difference between USB Power Delivery and USB type-c?

Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 10, 2018

What is the difference between USB Power Delivery and USB type-c?

Usb-power Delivery (USB PD) is a protocol specification that supports up to 100W Power transmission and data communication in a cable.USB type-c is a new standard for USB connector, which can support a series of new standards including USB 3.1 (Gen1 and Gen2), Display Port and USB PD.The USB type-c port can support 5V3A by default. If you implement USB PD in a USB type-c port, it can support the 100W power defined in the USB PD specification (5V20A).Therefore, having a USB type-c port does not mean that it supports USB PD.

usb c adapter 

2. What are DFP, DRP and UFP?

DFP is a USB type-c port on host or hub, connected to device.

UFP is a USB type-c port on the device or hub, connected to the host or hub's DFP.

The DRP is a USB type-c port that can work as either DFP or UFP.

Note: the above DRP is different from usb-pd DRP.Usb-pd DRP refers to the Power port as Power Source (provider) and Sink (consumer).For example, a USB type-c port on a laptop supports usb-pd DRP, which can be used as a Power Source (when connecting a USB drive or a cell phone) or as a Sink (when connected to a monitor or Power adapter).

3. Is USB type-c mandatory for USB3.1 Gen1 or Gen2 specifications?Is USB type-c equal to USB3.0/3.1?

No.The USB type-c specification is independent of the USB3.1 Gen1 and Gen2 specifications.We can use traditional TypeA and TypeB interfaces to support Gen1 or Gen2.The USB type-c specification is a new specification for usb-if, which supports up to 100W power transmission and forward and backward plug. USB type-c connector can be designed as either Gen1 or Gen2.

4. What is the USB type-c product roadmap?

Sephora, committed to the development of USB Type - C, and is developing a series of Type - C controller, for details, please check the USB plath roadmap (

5. What function does CCGx have in the USB type-c that supports PD?

CCGx, as a USB type-c controller, provides the following functions: detection Type-C common head insertion direction, and configure signal path;To manage PD negotiation between provider and consumer when usb-pd startup;Simultaneous support for display and data signal transmission;Negotiate Alternate modes.

6. Does cypress provide a tool for creating a configuration file for CCGx controller?

Provided, ez-pd Configuration Utility can be used to create Configuration files.For details, see the "save Configuration" section in the "ez-pd Device Configuration Utility user manual".

7. How do I upgrade or program ez-pd?CCGx firmware?

Can you use two methods to upgrade or program ez-pd?CCGx firmware:

1. As described in KBA97271, a PC Utility, ez-pd Configuration Utility, which is provided by cyplath, is upgraded through the CC line.

2. As described in KBA97271, use the PSoC?Programmer and MiniProg3 Programmer, upgrade via SWD interface.This method is commonly used during product development and is sometimes used in factories.

8. What is the ez-pd Configuration Utility?

The ez-pd controller of cyplas is a highly configurable and programmable solution.The customer can configure the chip using the parameters stored in the built-in flash memory.Customers can select and configure these parameters according to specific usage and requirements.

Ez-pd Configuration Utility is a Microsoft Windows APP that guides CCGx users to configure and program chips.The program works with the hardware that cyplath provides for hosting CCGx controllers and a USB interface.Users can intuitively select and configure application parameters using the ez-pd Configuration Utility's user graphical interface (GUI).

9. What are the applications of cyplas's type-c /PD solution?

All types -C/PD applications, including host (PC/ mobile), PC/ mobile power adapter/docking/Dongle/ cable/display/VR/AR, etc.

10. What is the difference between cypress's usb-pd 2.0 and qualcomm's QC?

USB - PD is USB 2.0 - IF make A agreement, to provide USB device between A power up to 100 w power supply mechanism (20 V, 5 A), also can the USB Type - C port support USB and USB data signals at the same time.It allows the Host and peripherals to dynamically negotiate the power supply direction.

Qualcomm?The Quick Charge?It is a proprietary charging protocol developed by Qualcomm, which USES a custom charger that supports the Qualcomm Quick Charge protocol to Charge devices that also support the protocol.Quick Charge 2.0 provides a maximum of 60W power, but unlike usb-pd, it cannot support power supply and data transmission at the same time, nor does it support the dynamic selection of power supply during charging.See the usb-pd 2.0 specification for details.

11. Does CCGx Type-C controller support overvoltage protection (OVP) and overcurrent protection (OCP) function?

The OCP of different series of Cypress products has different functions of OVP. CCG3 has independent OCP, OVP hardware, and other products can be selected according to the precision you need, and can refer to the datasheet.

12. Does CCGx support all power configurations?

The cypress USB type-c controller can be customized to support any power Settings defined in the usb-pd specification.

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