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USB Type-C Everything You Need to Know

Edit: Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd      Date:Aug 23, 2017

USB Type-C: Everything You Need to Know


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What Is USB Type-C?

USB Type-C is a smaller, faster connector for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard that can support newer standards like USB 3.1 and USB power delivery. USB Type-C is smaller than the USB Type-A connectors we’re all too familiar with, and a little big bigger than that micro USB- B connectors that are used with most smartphones and tablets. What differentiates USB Type-C from other types, apart from it’s size is the fact that it’s reversible. That means you don’t have to guess which way the charger goes when tying to plug in your phone in the dark.

USB Type-C power delivery can charge your phone faster than ever, while also transferring data. So, you could use your laptop to run high energy use operations, and still charge it at the same rate. The only downside is that existing USB Type-A and B won’t be able to connect to devices using USB Type-C, so you’ll have to replace your everyday and backup chargers once you make the switch.

Advantages of USB Type-C

Easier to Plug In

Gone are the days where you’d have to fumble in the dark, and guess which way your USB cable needs to be plugged in to charge your phone. Since there’s no “up” side of the connector, it can be plugged in either way—you’ll get it in the right way, every time.

Faster Charging & Data Transfer

Type-C chargers are not only more efficient in the physical sense, but in the technical one as well. They can take full advantage of the technology of USB 3.1, meaning they can handle its 10GB transfer rate, as well as its maximum power transfer of up to 100W. The increased speed of the USB Type-C is unparalleled, and it's massive charging capacity means it could charge a laptop or monitor while it’s running different programs, with ease.

Longer Life Span

Type-C connectors are designed to last longer than its Type-A and B predecessors. It’s more compact and durable, and is designed to last upwards of 10,000 cycles of insertions and removals. We all know what it’s like to have our favorite (or only) charge become loose, and only work when held at certain angles while it’s plugged in. With the innovative design of Type-C connectors, this will hopefully be a struggle of the past.

Disadvantages of USB Type-C

While USB Type-C connectors offer some awesome advantages, just like any other new technology, it’s not without its drawbacks. Manufacturers are now adjusting to the new Type-C ports, but not all of them meet the USB 3.1 standard. Many of them only meet the USB 2.0 standard, which means that a Type-C connecter could damage your smartphone. To ensure that your phone only receives the amperage that it can handle, you should only purchase cables from your manufacturer for the time being—until USB Type-C becomes more common, at least.

Although these connectors can be convenient in many regards, having a cellphone that requires a Type-C cable can prove to be inopportune at times. For example, if you’re caught at a friend’s house and need a quick charge to make it through the night, the chances of you being able to borrow a charger are a lot lower. Even though USB Type-C is on the rise, it’s not yet the popular option, and you definitely won’t find as many Type-C cables floating around as you would micro-USB cables. However, this minor downside can be easily remedied by carrying around your own spare charger, or an adapter that allows you to use another type of cord to connect your phone.

What Devices Have USB Type-C Today?

Many devices are adopting USB Type-C ports, including a wide array of smartphones and tablets. It’s expected that more and more companies will continue to adopt this technology, and that it will eventually take over and become the norm, and even more popular than USB Type-A and Type-B are. It’s not surprisingly that the older USB 2.0 and 3.0 standards are being pushed out with a newer, in favor of a more innovative and efficient option—as technology developers continue to advance their devices, it only makes sense that practical components, like connectors, advance as well.

USB Type-C Multi-Device Charging Solutions for All Your Gadgets

During this transition period where USB Type-C is on the rise, yet other types of older connectors are still more popular, chances are you have a number of different cables to charge all your devices. Regardless of what type of connectors you have, Ohming Technology has the charging solution for you. Our multiport USB hub can charge up to eight devices at once, whether they’re USB Type-A, B, or C. While it has a large charging capacity, it’s physical dimensions are very compact, making it perfect for your home, office, or even traveling with the family. Shop online now, or contact us for more information about our versatile charging solutions.

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