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universial multi function mini usb power strip with 3 power strips one outlet

Edit: Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd      Date:Jul 21, 2017

Universial multi function usb power strip with 3 power strips one outlet

3 power strips one outlet

KYT-817 parameters:

1. Input voltage: 100V-240V AC 50-60HZ 10A MAX
2. Output voltage: Charger 5V, 3.4A; plug output and input voltage, current synchronization.
3. Charger built-in constant current constant voltage function.
4. Charger built-in multiple protection function. (OCP, OTP, OSP, OVP, etc.)
5. USB interface with automatic identification function, can be compatible with most mobile devices maximum current charge.


AC outlet: power adapter, charger, TV, induction cooker, electric fans, computers and so on.
USB chargers: mobile phones, mobile power, Bluetooth speakers, tablet PCs, game consoles and so on.

Surface handling: 

Aluminum alloy  metal shell to oxidative sandblasting process, the surface is more  smooth, eliminating the burrs of the hazards, the surface
Uniform light, metallic luster more obvious, beautiful and elegant, delicate feel, very texture, than the ordinary alloy
View more pleasing to the eye.

 Plastic  parts, two kinds of process, 1. shell surface UV process, resistance to  hanging, anti-wear, resistance, chemical resistance;
UV  coating has a very luster performance, the product surface can achieve a  better high brightness effect; 2. Shell surface rubber oil workers
Art, rubber oil flexibility, flexibility can increase the hand touch affinity.

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