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The USB Type - C interface definition

Edit: Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd      Date:Feb 17, 2017

The USB Type - C interface definition

USB Type C interface - A total of 24 needles, 12 needles are GND, A side TX1 +, TX1, VBUS, CC1, D + and D -, SBU1, VBUS, RX2 - and RX2 + and GND;B side were GND, RX1 + 12 needle, RX1 -, VBUS, SBU2, D -, D +, CC2, VBUS, TX2 -, TX2 +, GND.A and B after the inversion of the definition of each stitch order remains the same, so the TYPE - C interface can be both positive and negative.

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