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the structure of the bluetooth speaker

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the structure of the bluetooth speaker

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Loud Speaker: 

Speakers are also known as "speakers". Is a very common electro-acoustic transducer, in the sound of electrical and electronic equipment can see it.
The impedance of the rated impedance loudspeaker is generally related to frequency. The rated impedance is the impedance measured from the speaker input when the audio is 400 Hz. It is generally the voice coil DC resistance of 1.2 to 1.5 times. General moving coil loudspeakers common impedance of 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω, 32Ω and so on. 

signal to noise: 

Signal-to-noise ratio is the ratio of the normal sound signal played back by the speaker to the no-signal noise signal (power). Expressed in dB. For example, a speaker of the signal to noise ratio of 80dB, that is,  the output signal power is 10 ^ 8 times the noise power, the standard  deviation of the output signal is 10 ^ 4 times the noise standard  deviation, the higher the signal to noise ratio, the smaller the noise.
Distortion: ≤0.5%
Distortion  refers to the sound system to reproduce the sound source signal, so  that some parts of the original source signal (waveform, frequency,  etc.) has changed. Sound transferred to the large volume of the distortion will make the  treble harsh, midrange unclear, bass turbidity, distortion is a kind of  noise.

Lithium battery: Li-ion battery: 

Lithium-ion  battery charge and discharge rate, determines how fast we can, will be a  certain amount of energy stored in the battery inside, or how fast the  battery inside the energy released. The higher the capacity of the high magnification, the better the battery performance.
Charge and discharge rate = charge and discharge current / rated capacity = 1a / 5ah = 0.2C

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