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Qualcomm quick charger 3.0 charging technology

Edit: Shenzhen Keyuantai Industry Co.,Ltd      Date:Feb 24, 2017

Qualcomm quick charger 3.0  charging technology

QC3.0 can provide the ideal voltage for cellphones to achieve the optimal current according to charging condition, reducing energy loss and heat, improving charging efficiency.

QC3.0 charger

2.Faster than you expect QC3.0, replenish 80% energy in 35 min

Quick Charge3.0 can supplement 80% energy for a phone in 35 min, 27% faster than QC2.0, reducing 45% consumption, twice as fast as QC1.0, 4 times faster than normal charging speed.

charging speed

3.Matchbox size, mini and portable
Your pocket charger Mini size, the same as a little matchbox, plus folding plug, is easy to carry; provides fast charging for your devices wherever you go.

mini and portable quick charger

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